This is a brief rundown of all the places my work has been published. I expect you to read every single thing at every one of these links and to enjoy it all. - This is where I work right now! How exciting is that? They’ve also historically gotten my best work, because they’ve historically paid me more than any other site. - The site I ran before taking the job at Cracked. It’s owned by Playboy. I’ve been to the mansion. - The first site anyone was ever foolish enough to let me run. At various times, I ran it in conjunction with Ian Fortey and Luis Prada of Cracked and HolyTaco fame and with Kristi Harrison, my current coworker and fellow editor at Cracked. - Yep, I used to work there too. But they don’t have an archive of my stuff available that I can direct you to. In lieu of that, just assume that anything you’ve ever seen on that site that made you laugh was written by me. The link points to a gallery called “Big Ass Showdown: Nicki Minaj vs. Kim Kardashian.” It’s a pretty highbrow kind of site. - This is a website dedicated solely to tutorials on how to use various audio programs and gadgets. Once a week, I’d swoop in and deliver some dick jokes. Naturally, the audience despised me like a lonely old spinster despises feline leukemia. That said, the audience was completely fucking wrong. I wrote some good stuff for those jerks. - I wrote two articles here. They weren’t that great, but I got paid anyway. Nice people. - A site dedicated to providing advice to people who have chosen freelance writing as their only source of income. I worked at an insurance company when I wrote there. - I briefly ran this site too. After about three weeks someone who was actually qualified for the job took over. - Because I am nothing if not fashionable. - I love music, so I tried my hand at writing for an actual music site. It was a bitter disappointment. - Ditto and ditto. Except about movies. - A long time ago, me and a couple friends did podcasts in my basement. Nobody listened to them. But you can, right now!

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