Jul 06

I have a new Quick Fix article up at Cracked today. It’s all about the dark origins of Chuck E. Cheese and why, instead of remaking him in the image of some pop-punk dipstick from the mid-90s, they should put a cigar back in his hands and give that pizza selling rat the career resurgence he deserves with a gritty reboot. If you haven’t already figured it out, please know that you can read this very article that I speak of by clicking on those highlighted words you see in the previous sentence.

What you won’t see in the article, though, is the image posted above.

It’s taken from a 1979 franchise brochure that was intended to entice people into buying a gigantic kid trap of their own. 

But mixed in with all of the usual facts and information regarding the riches that await any and all who decide to team up with a disease carrying rodent to sell food to children is something pretty damn interesting. 

As you’ve probably already deduced without me needing to tell you (and certainly without waiting until paragraph number four to get to the point), Chuck E. Cheese used to include Confederate flags as part of their standard franchise package. This makes sense, seeing as how the company was formed in the deep south.

Just joking, it was formed in San Jose, California in the late-70s. This makes no sense. None at all. The only customers you’re going to “cheer” by hanging a Confederate flag on the wall are those who walk into a restaurant and feel an immediate sense of relief upon realizing there are no black people there. That flag will just make them think it’s restaurant policy instead of mere coincidence. 

Click here to read more about the dark history of Chuck E. Cheese at Cracked.com!

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