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Jul 21

Jack White played Dick Dale’s “Misirlou” at a show in Louisville this weekend. That’s the song that plays over the opening credits of ‘Pulp Fiction’ if the name isn’t familiar. It’s good times. You should watch it. Click here to skip directly to the ‘Pulp Fiction’ song. 

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My new column is up at Cracked. Check it out and get all the latest opinions on today’s freshest hit makers, like Phil Collins, Metallica and Van Halen. Read it here!

Feb 21


So if the WWE doesn’t mind getting fan reactions like this

…will their writers just keep pushing a lousy product on us, Microsoft-style?

THIS WEEK: Cracked’s Soren Bowie and John Cheese join Adam Tod Brown to figure out who not to watch the NFL with, what’s hardest about Reddit AMAs, and why Internet commenters can be dumb as hat racks.

Feb 19

westsidecomedytheater: presents Unpopular Opinion with 

Adam Tod Brown 

Greg Santos

Maria Shehata

Graham Kay

Dave Waite

Matt McCarthy

Nick Rutherford

Ben Blanchard 

That’s a pretty great jacket I’m wearing.

Like everyone else in Los Angeles, when I heard that recently disgraced Transformers hero Shia LeBeouf was apologizing for his crimes (I assume we’re talking about Eagle Eye, but I admit I haven’t followed the story closely) in person at a local art gallery, I had to check it out. 

Here’s a photo diary of my trip to watch Shia LeBeouf cry…

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Feb 18

Check out that lineup! There are still a few tickets left for tonight’s Unpopular Opinion show at Westside Comedy Theater. It starts at 8:30pm. Tickets are just $5, or buy one get one free with promo code CRACKED at checkout.

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Bruce Springsteen has been a rock music institution for over 40 years now. In that time, he’s not only had more than his fair share of ups, but his downs have been few and far between compared to a lot of other musicians of his era.

It looks like that might be coming to an end, though, if recent developments are any indication. Here are three signs Bruce Springsteen is becoming too old to rock.

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Feb 17

Back in December, my friend and co-worker Robert Evans showed up at our office Christmas party with a pack of life-threateningly cheap cigarettes that he’d brought back from India. Obviously, I had to try one. It was awful. 

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